Tuition / Fees

The Summer Vocology Institute is administered through University of Utah's Center for Credit Programs. As such, the University of Utah handles all billing and payments in regards to tuition.

Tuition for the entire program (9 credits) is $3,800 for ALL students whether they are seeking graduate or undergraduate credits.
The only exception to this cost is those who are currently University of Utah degree seeking students. In this case, the normal graduate tuition rate applies to them depending on which department they choose to have show up on their transcript.

Please note that this does not include the lab or book fees.

Billing and Payment Options
The University of Utah will be responsible for billing you for tuition and fees. More information to come.

Block 1:The Principles of Voice Production course uses the textbook with the same title. Available through the NCVS website.

Block 2:
VOCOLOGY - The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation. Available through the NCVS website.

  Books for the other courses will be announced by the instructors and /or stated on class syllabi.

Miscellaneous costs
Other costs you should consider while planning for SVI are: transportation to Salt Lake City, accommodations for your stay, and meals.