Lorraine Olson Ramig, Senior Scientist

Lorraine Olson Ramig, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is Senior Scientist at the National Center for Voice and Speech and Professor in the Department of Speech, Language, a Hearing Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, a Teacher's College, New York City. Dr. Ramig is an internationally-recognized scientist with an established research record in the areas of aged and neurological voice disorders.

She has been investigating neurological voice disorders for more than 15 years and has authored numerous refereed journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Ramig is the developer of LSVT®, an efficacious voice therapy method for individuals with Parkinson disease.

Link to the LSVT website. For a partial - but continuously updated - list of Dr. Ramig's publications, explore the National Library of Medicine's website, PubMed [Note: this link will open in a new browser window.]

Contact information
ramig@spot.colorado.edu | 303.893-6487

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