Principles of Voice Production Tutorials

A selection of mini-courses have been developed as aids for understanding some of the more difficult concepts presented in the text, Principles of Voice Production (available through NCVS book sales). Note that a refresher on basic acoustics can serve as a jump-start for those who haven't had a recent course in college physics. The text's glossary is also available for easy reference.

The rest of the tutorials are organized by chapter. You will notice that tutorial material for Chapters 1 (Laryngeal Anatomy) and 12 (Voice Disorders) lead you to external websites. A browser window will open when following these links, so simply close the windows to return to this page.

Background Material

Chapter 1: Laryngeal Anatomy - Wikipedia Links

Chapter 2: Biomechanics of Laryngeal Tissue

Chapter 3: Fluid Flow in Respiratory Airways (Breathing)

Chapter 4: Vocal Fold Oscillation

Chapter 5: Generation and Propagation of Sound

Chapter 6: The Source-Filter Theory of Vowels

Chapter 7: Voice Classification & Lifespan Changes

Chapter 8: Control of Fundamental Frequency

Chapter 9: Control of Vocal Intensity & Efficiency

Chapter 10: Vocal Registers

Chapter 11: Fluctuations & Perturbations in Vocal Output

Chapter 12: Voice Disorders - Suggested links to external websites (these will open in a new browser window)

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