Karin (Titze) Cox, MA CCC/SLP Vocologist
Karin is fortunate to be one of the first graduates from the University of Iowa Masters Vocology Program. She completed her undergraduate degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology at Brigham Young University and after finishing her Master's at the University of Iowa, she stayed in her hometown 4 more years to get valuable experience at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Since her move to Utah, she's worked for the University of Utah Clinics and started a valuable private practice with Dr. David Palmer and Dr. Justin Gull as well as other Otolaryngologists in the Valley. She enjoys working within a team of voice professionals as she assists each physician in diagnosis and treatment. She enjoys the therapy process as she helps rehabilitate her patient after injury.  She also assists in researching the voice as it functions for a variety of professional voice users and performers. She visualizes and evaluates the voice in action as she performs stroboscopic exams through the mouth or nose for each patient she works with. She is fascinated by new research developed around the world as it helps sharpen her skills as a voice therapist and singer.  She also enjoys doing workshops, with her voice team and her father, Ingo Titze, across the state and country.

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