Mission Statement

The National Center for Voice and Speech conducts research, educates vocologists, disseminates information about voice and speech, and provides referral services in order to help people around the world enjoy healthy and effective vocal communications.

In carrying forth its mission, the National Center for Voice and Speech strives to cultivate and develop positive and effective relationships; it provides leadership in making a compelling case for support and research on the human voice.

National Center for Voice and Speech Objectives

  • To serve as a multi-site consortium of researchers, clinicians and teachers dedicated to studying the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the human voice and speech.
  • To conduct research and translate its findings into practical applications for other scientists, clinicians, voice instructors and occupational voice users;
  • To provide referrals in voice and speech across the country and around the world;
  • To provide leadership in understanding the complexity of voice and speech production and how to contribute to its care;
  • To create internships for future researchers and clinicians;
  • To provide training to professional voice users through workshops;
  • To educate vocologists through the Summer Vocology Institute.
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