Ingo Titze, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Contact in Utah
Contact at The University of Iowa (September - December)

  • One of the world's leading voice scientists
  • Published over 400 articles on voice
  • Author of Principles of Voice Production - used worldwide as an introductory text, and translated into multiple languages.
  • Author of The Myoelastic Aerodynamic Theory of Phonation used by engineers and physicists
  • Co-Author of Vocology written for clinicians and vocal pedagogues more

Lynn Maxfield, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Lynn Maxfield, tenor, holds a PhD in Voice Pedagogy and an MA in Voice Performance from the University of Iowa.  In the summer of 2011, he worked as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the National Center for Voice and Speech.  After a one-year Visiting Assistant Professorship at Eastern Connecticut State University, he is excited to re-join that staff at NCVS as a Teaching and Research Associate beginning in June 2012. In addition to teaching and researching, Lynn, is the primary instructor for the Vocal Studio as well as maintaining an active performance presence .... read more

Anil Kumar Palaparthi, M.S.
DSP Research Engineer

Simeon Smith, M.S.
Research Associate

Eric Hunter, Ph.D.
Director of NCVS Archives

Mara Kapsner-Smith, M.S.,
Speech Language Pathologist

Elizabeth Miller, M.M.
Program Manager

Amanda Stark, CCC-SLP
Research Associate

Ben Christensen, Ph.D.
Research Associate


Teaching associates around the nation who work together with the NCVS on: instructing students at the Summer Vocology Institute at the University of Utah.

RESEARCH CONSORTIUM [expand | collapse]

Research associates around the nation who work together with the scientists of the NCVS on: projects, books, papers and any other research findings. Those on the consortium have been published in conjunction with someone at the NCVS.


The U of U Oversight Board is comprised of department heads from the departments of Music, Theater, Biology, Bioengineering, Communication Sciences and Otolaryngology. Each member of the oversight board is associated with different aspects of the work that is conducted at NCVS.

ADVISORY BOARD [expand | collapse]

The Advisory Council serves as emissaries for the National Center for Voice and Speech by communicating the Center’s mission and objectives.